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Under what pretext did they go into Iraq? It was Iraq developing weapons of mass destruction. They went in,destroyed the country, created a hotbed of international terrorism,and then it turned out that they made a mistake: “The intelligence failed us.” Wow! They destroyed a country. The intelligence failed-that is all they had to say to justify their actions. Speaking of the US policy, it’s clear that the US has the most aggressive and toughest policy to defend their own interests, at least this is how the American leader see it and they do it persistently. There are basically no Russian troops abroad,while US troops are everywhere. There are US Military base everywhere around the world,and they are always involved in the fates of other countries even though they are thousands of kilometres away from US borders.So it is ironic that our US partners accuse us of breaching some of these rules.It is not us moving towards NATO but NATO moving towards us.

Therefore,saying that Russia is behaving aggressively is at odds with common sense.Have we approached anyone’s border? No, it is NATO’s infrastructure that has come close to us. I want to reiterate,I have said this before,but I would really like you to hear me this time and convey this message to your readers, viewers and internet users.

Do you realize that if Ukraine joins NATO and decides to take Crimea back through military means,the European country will automatically get drawn into a military conflict with Russia? Of course, NATO’s United potential and that of Russia are incomparable. We understand that, but we also understand that Russia is one of the world’s leading nuclear power,and is superior to many of those countries in terms of the number of modern nuclear force components.But there will be no winners,and you will find yourself drawn into this conflict against your will.You will be full filling Paragraph 5 of  the Treaty of Rome in a heartbeat,even before you know it. Of course, the President does not want to see developments unfold in this way. I do not want it,either.

That is why he is here and has been tormenting me for six hours now with his questions,guarantees,and solutions.i believe this is a lofty mission, and I am grateful to him for his efforts.For our part,we will do our best to find compromise that suit everyone.They speak of security guarantees from us.But who will guarantee our security? President Putin add.

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