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Introduce New Program

🎖”Talk Leader”🎖

Heart of Suvarnbhumi and EBC
Launch new programs 🎖”TALK LEADER”🎖

On the occasion of Thai New Year, Maha Songkran 2020, 💖🎖”Heart of Suvarnabhumi Company Limited”🎖💖 launching the new program:

The Heart of Suvarnabhumi Company Limited launched a new program “TALK LEADER” to present interesting information. And present economic, social, political, and international security direction Delve into the vision of the leader. With good stories to the public.

For the Grand Opening,
We would like to launch a war documentary.
That is hard to find with humanitarian obligations of
(The Humanitarian Mine Action Unit or TMAC
(Thailand Mine Action Center) is known as the “Mine Fighter”The person behind the gold of Thailand Mine Action Center.
Military Command Center, Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters with dangerous tasks that  “Exchange works with life and sweat” which people never know.

🎖 Mines recovery and destruction operations🎖🎖

Since this is a matter of interest from the United Nations and other countries,

The UN and the international community want to know the intent of Thailand, where Thailand has taken landmines. To destroy or not ??

To check whether Thailand has done so straightforward as reported by the United Nations. In Thailand, stated that landmines would be recovered but To bring the mine to keep it dangerous to neighboring countries or not ??

In addition, the United Nations and many countries want border areas to be safe areas for development into trade and economic areas,

Historical tourism and improve the quality of life of people living in border areas of Thailand and neighboring countries that live along borders.

After “Natalie”, a producer, a moderator and a war correspondent pursued a mission to risk her life in the operation to recover and
destroy landmines and unexploded ordnance of The “Humanitarian Mine Action Unit” or TMAC
(TMAC Mission: perform missions to clear land mines and unexploded ordnances along the borders) sees that this matter is important to Thailand And Neighboring Countries at the borders.

Therefore, it is necessary to produce a series to present to the public, the United Nations and 164 member nations under the Ottawa Convention, totaling 5 episodes.

Madam Reporter Variety

The Heart of Suvarnabhumi Company Limited a producer of EBC launch a new program “Madam Reporter”

About Madam Reporter:

The Madam Reporter is a program that present information about economic social national security travel and fashion life and style. The program is divided into 3 parts.

Part 1:
Present sourceful information in regard of economic social politics national security through field-work report.

Part 2:
Fashion lifestyle health and sharing of good tips.

Part 3:
Introduce you beautiful tourist spot around the world

Meet “Madam Reporter” at